Who uses payday loans and loans online

Many more applications for quick internet loans are completed by ladies. 58% of all clients are women, which shows that it is women who increasingly manage their home finances. aldtzsb.com has more notes

Women as shopping specialists have already got used to the possibilities offered by the Internet – they first compare offers and then choose the one that best suits their requirements.

Borrowers getting younger

Borrowers getting younger

The chart showing the age of borrowers can be amazing for many. As many as 71% of customers are between 18 and 35 years old. Young, educated people wanting to fulfill their dreams and fulfill their needs are looking for quick access to additional funds.

They don’t want to wait in queues at banks to report more documents. Only applications that can be completed completely online that specify clear contract terms become valuable to them.

We start the week with a loan

We start the week with a loan

On Monday, most clients of loan companies compare offers and complete applications for payday loans. The number of visitors to the portal decreases as the weekend awaits.

The 10% difference between Monday and Sunday shows that financial matters are not a priority for us during rest.

Mobile borrowers

Mobile borrowers

The type of browser and devices used by Internet users comparing the offers of loan companies also indicate that they are young, educated people, willing to use new technologies. Only 5% of all customers are people using the internet explorer browser, while as many as 51% are google chrome users, i.e. people who follow trends in the virtual world.

Users comparing the offer of loan companies on their phones are still a minority, however, each day they are increasing. Currently, they constitute 24% of the total. Certainly, the increasing availability and more favorable offers of operators who propose cellular interest as standard.

Where do we borrow and what do we decide on

payday loan

The vast majority of us, as much as 67%, decide to apply for short-term payday pay. An installment loan offers appeared on the market relatively recently and some customers have not yet managed to use them.

The data presented in the infographic only confirm the rankings prepared by finance specialists Tormes.

Data published by Tormes sheds new light on loan companies. They are not older people, prone to manipulation, but young people aware of their rights use the services of non-bank institutions.

Home equity loans with Credit Financial Institutions.

Of all the possible formulas for accessing credit, the one with the most options for success is that of home equity credit.

However, this does not mean that all banks will receive you with open arms because you can offer such a guarantee. In fact, a damaged credit history can be definitive for the financing possibilities to be closed in the traditional banking circuit.

Fortunately, apart from the banks, there are other entities that are willing to take greater risks, such as Good Lender, which offer intermediation to obtain mortgage- backed loans.

Let’s see what are the possibilities that Good Lender offers and its conditions to access loans.

How much money can you get with a Good Lender loan

How much money can you get with a Supregrupo loan

The minimum amount that can be requested as the loan amount is $ 5,000, while the maximum is set at $ 500,000.

In any case, there are established a series of parameters in relation to the house that must be taken into account to get an idea of ​​the amount that can be obtained and whether there are real possibilities or not of granting said loan.

The first of them is the value of the loads that the house has that is offered as a guarantee.

Since almost everyone buys a home through a mortgage, the remaining amount payable from it cannot be more than 40% of the property’s value.

In other words, if you have asked for a 20-year mortgage and have been paying the apartment for only 3 or 4, it is practically impossible for you to offer it as a guarantee.

On the other hand, the maximum amount that can be granted in relation to the appraisal value is 50%.

It is with these factors that the calculations are made and both the viability of the loan and the maximum amount that can be requested are determined.

Who can apply for a loan to Good Lender

Who can apply for a loan to Supregrupo

There is no record that you have to have any special situation to be able to apply for a credit, beyond the age of majority necessary for any of these operations and the aforementioned condition of owning a home that meets the requirements that have been explained.

However, a series of acceptable assumptions are established for the granting of credits:

  • If the money is needed for the acceptance of an inheritance
  • If the money is needed to perform a debt reunification
  • If the money is needed to start a business or expand one already underway
  • If the money is needed to reform a property and increase its value

There is no mention of having to enjoy a stable employment situation or any other type of limitation.

In fact, the most common limitation is usually the inclusion of the applicant in a delinquency list such as Financial Credit Institutions, but in this case it is not.

The condition of appearing in a list of these characteristics is not a problem, since it is understood that the risk is sufficiently covered by the mortgage guarantee offered by the applicant.

Loan conditions and associated costs

Loan conditions and associated costs

The loans are granted at a fixed interest, which will be established in a range between 2% and 18%. Therefore, it is not possible to inform a priori what the interest rate will be, beyond the information that appears in the conditions brochure and that establishes the following formula:

TIN min / max. + 2% / 18%

The aforementioned brochure also mentions the interest in the form of APR or the cost of the loan on an annual basis, which is said to reach a maximum of 19.9%.

Although there is no opening commission, other costs associated with the operation must be accounted for, such as the appraisal of the property, the study commission by Good Finance, – which can reach up to 10% of the total granted – and the costs of Lawyer and notary.

And in the event that once the loan is granted, the client decides to pay it off by amortizing the remainder in advance, 0.5% of the amount will also be charged if this fact occurs during the first 5 years or 0.25% if this circumstance occurs after that period.

How to request it

How to request it

Like so many other online loan services, the application for the credit is made through the website itself.

The process is quick and it places special emphasis on receiving information about the property that is owned, since this information is crucial to establish the viability or not of the credit.

After answering a few questions, the process is started by Good Finance and within a period of no more than 24 hours a representative of the company gets in touch to get more information and offer advice about the loan.

In this sense, it should be noted that, far from offering a standardized formula, this contact serves to design the loan proposal that best suits the client’s interests.

The entire negotiation process is carried out transparently, and the applicant can choose both the appraiser and the notary where he wants the paperwork to be carried out.

Loan repayment

Loan repayment

The loan must be repaid within a period to be set between a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 20 years. Now, there are several possibilities when choosing how you want to pay the loan granted:

  • Payment of interest and amortization of principal at maturity.
  • Payment of interest periodically and amortization of principal at maturity.
  • Payment of periodic installments that include capital and interest and amortization of the part of the remaining capital at maturity.
  • Payment of periodic installments that include principal and interest.
  • Lack of the first five years and to continue from that moment on paying regular installments that include principal and interest.

In the case of opting for a system that includes fees, these will be monthly.

This offers the great advantage that the client does not have to yield to a strict payment system, but can choose the one that best suits their personal situation.

Not surprisingly, similar mortgage conditions apply to a home equity loan like this when it comes to defaults. This means that in the event that the quotas are not paid in due time and form, the loss of ownership of the home may occur.

In addition, the concessionaire of the loan will have the right to claim the payment of the amount owed with all the present and future assets of the client.



Good Lender is an especially useful option for people whose history in bad debt lists prevent them from accessing loans easily, especially if they are large.

In these situations, the participation of an intermediary company can be useful, and although there are negative aspects such as the numerous costs associated with the loan, the positive ones, such as flexibility in the payment formulas, must not be neglected either.

When analyzing the assumptions for which Good Lender manages loans, it is easy to see that these are situations designed to generate value: a reform, the expansion of a business or a reunification of debts are situations that generate an economic benefit, either in way of increasing the value of a property, more commercial possibilities or less expenses each month.

Therefore, the costs of this loan can be offset by the benefits offered by the use that will be made of the money, and can be considered in some way, as an investment, since we are talking about people who, in most cases, they would not have the opportunity to access this financing due to their particular situation.

What is the CAE or Equivalent Annual Charge on the credits?

CAE is a single value that represents the cost of a credit over a period of time. This value is expressed as a percentage and was created to convert financial products into easy-to-compare goods for users. Aware of the difficulty in comparing financial products, Sernac created in 2012 the Equivalent Annual Charge, known as CAE. This indicator allows users to have a single figure, which easily determines whether or not the financial product in question is appropriate.

The difficulty was that the various factors of consumer loans, mortgage loans and credit cards had an impact on the total cost of credit (CTC), making it very difficult to compare whether or not a loan was convenient for the consumer. At Compara we want you to always make the best decision before requesting a loan. Therefore, in this article we explain everything you need to know about CAE and how to take advantage of it.

How does the Annual Equivalent Charge work?

money cash

When comparing two loans of the same type and with the same term, the one with the lowest CAE will be the cheapest.

The CAE applies to the following products:

.- Consumer credit.

.- Mortgage credit.

.- Credit card.

.– University credit.

.– Commercial house credits.


1.- You simulate a consumer credit of 1 million pesos at 12 months, with a CAE of 15% in Bank A.

2.- Then, you simulate the same loan for 1 million to 12 months in Bank B, which offers you a CAE of 22%.

Bank A will be more convenient because for the same amount and term, it offers you a lower Equivalent Annual Charge, that is, a credit that, per year, will be cheaper than that of Bank B.

What values ​​are included in the CAE?

money csh

Within the percentage that is reflected in the Annual Equivalent Charge, are all the expenses associated with a financial product. Among them:

.- Capital: the money that is requested as a loan.

.- Interest rate: amount that is paid in a period of time for each unit of the capital loaned.

.- Term of the credit: there are terms of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months, except mortgages that can go up to 30 years. The longer the term, the higher the interest and the more expensive the credit.

.- Credit own charges: operational expenses, stamps and stamps. Notary fees, appraisals and land study (in the case of mortgages).

.- Extra services voluntarily contracted: unemployment insurance, fraud, credit life and others.

What are the consumer’s rights when applying the CAE?

money cash

Law 20,555 enacted in 2012 indicates that the Equivalent Annual Charge is a mandatory figure in all financial products that are marketed in Chile.

This means that in each credit or credit card contract, the CAE must be explicit and must not vary. In case it is not visible, the consumer must ask for this percentage, and it is the bank’s obligation to report it.

At the same time, at the bank, multi store or financial institution can modify the Annual Equivalent Charge after the product was contracted. The CAE is an unalterable value that must remain throughout the term of the credit.

CTC: How is it complemented by CAE?

money cash

The Annual Equivalent Charge is a value that helps you compare and choose the best credit or the most convenient credit card, but it is not the only reference figure for consumers. In addition to the CAE, there is the so-called Total Cost of Credit or CTC and corresponds to the total amount that the client will end up paying for a credit at the end of the payment term.

Its main difference with CAE is the time span. While the CAE considers only the cost of a year, the CTC will be the total amount that you will have paid to the bank when you have paid the entire credit. Both indicators are complementary and will help you make a smarter decision when choosing a financial product.

And what is your experience trading on the financial market?

Is there a bank or card that you recommend for its low prices? Comment and tell us about your experience! If you want to discover the Equivalent Annual Charge and simulate a consumer credit intelligently, visit us in the Compare.

Mortgages: Mortgage Law Effect? Loans plummet, recording worst data in 5 years

Real estate slowdown or conjunctural effect of the entry into force of the new mortgage law last June? The market of the purchase and sale as well as that of the mortgage firm have been showing sharp declines in the last two months in the statistics of the National Statistics Institute (INE) that show data on operations -both sales and mortgage financing- signed two or three months before.


Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

Specifically, the number of mortgages constituted on homes registered in the property registers stood at 22,488 last September, a figure 31.6% lower than that of the same month of 2018 and the lowest in a month of September since 2014, according to data from the INE that indicates how the entry into force of the Real Estate Credit Law last June “could have affected” the September data when this statistic included the public deeds made in previous months.


The sale of houses registers its worst September in three years after falling 12%

home loan

Agencies The sale of homes fell 12% in September in relation to the same month of 2018, to add 37,995 operations, its lowest figure in a month of September since 2016

With the year-over-year decline seen in the ninth month of the year, the home mortgage firm is chaining two consecutive months of declines after plunging nearly 30% in August. According to data released by the INE, the average amount of home mortgages rose 5.3% compared to September 2018, to 135,452 dollars , while the capital loaned fell 28% year-on-year, to 3,046 million dollars .

In monthly terms (September over August), on the other hand, the number of mortgages on homes rose 10.3%, its second smallest increase in this month after 2017. On the other hand, the capital loaned for this type of mortgage it advanced 16.3 % in the month, its smallest increase in a September in at least five years.

It must be remembered that with the entry into force of the new regulations, the deadlines for signing a mortgage have been extended over time, without taking into account the problems of adaptation to the new law by both financial institutions and notaries, which It generated a bottleneck in the first weeks of the law.

For example, the client must receive all the information related to his mortgage, at least 10 days before the deed, a period designed so that the future mortgaged can consult and ask any questions about the loan that he is about to sign. Likewise, with the new rule, the client will visit the notary twice, which also delays the terms when signing a mortgage.


Housing market is slowing down

Housing market

However, experts agree that the housing market is slowing down and everything indicates that in 2019 it will close with activity levels in mortgages very similar to those of 2018, with figures close to 345,000 registered mortgages and “it will be normal that in the coming months , negative data will continue to be recorded in this statistic in its year-on-year comparison, but the housing market will continue to grow, although at a slower rate than it did in recent years, ”recalls Kardoudi.

In general, “we are witnessing the moderation in the growth of the real estate market that we were already predicting for 2019. What remains to be seen is whether this process will be more or less intense due to the evolution of the macroeconomy, the international context, the current political situation in Spain and the latest legislative changes ”, he adds.

In other words, it remains to be seen whether the declines, both in transactions and mortgages, have really been due to the entry into force of the law or due to the first symptoms of exhaustion of the residential market.

Loan for civil servant candidates – Find out more here


Whether home, dream vacation or luxury car – there are many things in life that you cannot afford with your own savings. If you don’t want to save for decades to meet your needs, taking out a loan might be worth it.

Since there are now many types of loans, you have the opportunity to benefit from many savings benefits. But the first hurdle on the way to the dream loan is the loan approval, for which most banks are very strict. To get a loan you need a regular income, a steady job and a clean Credit Bureau.

This is how you get a cheap loan

This is how you get a cheap loan

As a civil servant, you have a good and crisis-proof job, which is very important these days. Even if you are not yet a civil servant, your job gives you a good chance of getting the loan you want. After all, the job of a civil servant is as secure as no other – and the banks know that too. In principle, there is no special “loan for civil servant candidates”, but it is quite possible to negotiate cheaper interest rates and conditions with your bank. If you are earning enough as a civil servant, have good chances of advancement, and are likely to be appointed as a civil servant for life, there is nothing to stand in the way of a civil servant loan.

Loan to civil servant candidates – why comparing is so important

Loan to civil servant candidates - why comparing is so important

Although as a civil servant you are more likely to get a loan than “normal” workers, you should definitely do a comparison. Do not only trust your bank in money matters, but also inform yourself and look for the best offer. An online comparison on the subject of “Loan for civil servants” gives you the opportunity to compare the different banks and conditions.

You will notice that interest rates, terms and monthly installments vary from bank to bank. It is important that you do not let yourself be tempted by extremely low interest rates, but look at the whole picture. Decide on reasonable terms and monthly rates that fit your budget. This is the only way to ensure that you do not take any financial risk with the loan for civil servants.

Instant credit without Credit bureau online.

Applicants who apply for a cheap instant credit without Credit bureau online do not have to expect a long waiting time. While the house bank shows a creditworthiness check as a prerequisite, this does not play an important role in the free financial market.

The online application also leads to an accelerated and unbureaucratic process by which the instant loan without Credit bureau is approved online within 24 hours and paid to the borrower in a timely manner.

The free online loan comparison

The free online loan comparison

Since there is a wide variety of offers for an instant loan without Credit bureau online, you should use a free comparison before applying. This applies to the differences in interest and fees, as well as the various contractual bases of the individual lenders. Not every loan is suitable for all applicants, since the framework conditions should be adapted to their own needs and chosen with great flexibility.

If there are changes in the borrower’s financial background within the term and a change in the repayment is necessary, flexibility can prove to be a great advantage and rule out the borrower getting into financial problems and even falling into debt. An instant credit without Credit bureau online is advantageous if it can be extended or extended within the term without additional costs, but can also be paid out earlier than planned. In comparison, the applicant recognizes the differences and can therefore make a decision that suits him optimally and enables a cheap loan.

Non-bureaucratic processing and fast payment

Non-bureaucratic processing and fast payment

If an immediate payment is required for an instant loan without Credit bureau online, the borrower does not have to prepare for waiting times for these offers. This is an advantage, whether you want to pay off a rushed invoice, make a repair or purchase, or want to get more liquidity. In order to get immediate approval, you have to show the lender a security.

This should show itself in an adequate amount to the loan amount and suggest to the lender that in the event of financial problems of the borrower, he can access adequate protection. Real assets or capital values, capital-forming insurance and sureties, but also a named co-applicant are always accepted collateral on the free financial market.

Credit restructuring – what is it?

Loan repayment is a problem when income is suddenly reduced or when you encounter other life problems. The borrowers receive restructuring tools. Retail banks and loan companies are primarily interested in credit restructuring , not withdrawal from the contract, because this entails a reduction or loss of profits.

Credit restructuring is the change of debt repayment terms to suit the current economic situation of the borrower. Most often, credit restructuring closes at the bank where we have a loan and consists in extending the loan period and thus reducing the amount of the monthly installment. We can also use the restructuring if we want to shorten the loan period, i.e. pay off our liabilities faster, which in turn is associated with an increase in the monthly installment. However, the change in the terms of the loan is not only closed within the facility in which we made the commitment.

The most popular restructuring tools

The most popular restructuring tools

Credit restructuring consists of several interesting tools, namely consolidation, refinancing, declaration of consumer bankruptcy, signing an annex to the current contract, and providing additional collateral.

What is consolidation?

What is consolidation?

Loan consolidation is useful when you have many short-term loans and thus expose yourself to unnecessary transfer fees. Added to this is lower and higher interest rates on debts. The consolidation averages the interest rate on loans obtained so far and guarantees the lowest monthly installment possible. A catch in consolidation? This extends the loan period, which entails slightly higher total repayment costs.

A few words about refinancing

Credit refinancing is another method of restructuring. How it works? One can say that refinancing is about replacing an expensive liability with a cheaper one. This is possible because many financial institutions try to take over customers with positive creditworthiness. Credit refinancing works especially well with large amounts of debts, mortgages taken during high interest rates.

The final solution for the borrower from financial difficulties

The final solution for the borrower from financial difficulties

Declaration of consumer bankruptcy is the final method, which de facto excludes the borrower from raising further liabilities. In the declaration of consumer bankruptcy, a shorter repayment plan is defined and the arrears, including penalty interest, are canceled. The law is constantly changing in favor of borrowers. Until now, bankruptcy was possible only after finding a random, very crisis situation. There are now more liberal restructuring conditions.

When is it worth taking steps to restructure your debt?

Certainly not at the last minute, because in the event of a sudden deterioration of creditworthiness, the bank withdraws from risky contracts in accordance with internal and legal procedures. The recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the guidelines of the Banking Law speak indirectly. Banks must not take excessive risk in servicing clients (borrowers) because they are institutions of public trust.

Personal Credit: How to order?

If your pocket situation is making you sleepy, this is for you! Understand now “personal credit: how to contract?” And get out of the choke.

Looking for personal credit but don’t know where to find the best conditions or how to hire? Calm down, that we are here to help you! As you may know by now, FinanzHero is a loan seeker. We have partnered with a number of banks and lenders who can pre-approve your personal credit request on our site. This gives you 10 times more chance of being approved through our platform!


Online Personal Credit

Online Personal Credit

Who wants to know more about ” personal credit: how to contract ?”, Then search the Internet, right? It is true that the technological world in which we live today has greatly facilitated our lives. Now we have the information in your palm and in a matter of seconds! Not only that, we can hire services and even sell our own products online.

However, as the web is a democratic place, a space that everyone can access and post things to, it is essential to always be alert! Remember that not everyone is well intentioned. Thus, one must always check the sources. Not only is false information such as fake news spread across the network, but also unrealistic products and services from fraudulent companies. Therefore, it is essential to do a thorough research both about what you want and who you will do business with.

And you don’t have to be scared! Taking the necessary care, nothing bad will happen. The internet can be a wonderful tool! And as we know its potential, we chose to create FinanzHero based on technology and completely online. Thus, we were able to facilitate the service for Brazilians. This is because you can apply for a loan without leaving home, on the way to work or wherever you prefer, and save your precious time. Go enjoy the family, take the hubby to dinner and take a ride with friends!


How to place an order?

How to place an order?

Okay, but so, FinanzHero team, “ personal credit: how to hire? ”It’s simple, for you to place an order, click here, choose the amount, the number of installments and complete the registration until the end. Some answers arrive in just 5 minutes. Was it pre-approved? Great! But keep in mind that you still need to continue ordering with the partner in question. Therefore, your request will undergo a second review before being approved.


What is personal credit?

What is personal credit?

Let’s go to the more specific parts of the personal loan . Also known as unsecured loan, this line of credit is the most requested in Brazil. You thought it was just you looking for “ personal credit: how to hire? “, huh? But guess what, other people who need some extra money come to you too. And this is because it does not require any precautionary good and is therefore much less bureaucratic. In addition, the money can be used the way you want, which means you do not have to state to the financial institution what the purpose of the amount will be.

Our partner banks and financiers charge fees from 1.9% per month to 18% per month. They vary according to the financial institution and the customer’s risk of default (if the risk of you not paying the debt is high, the interest will be higher as well). Another important point is that you can only commit up to 30% of your monthly income by paying off loan installments. That’s why it’s important to plan well in advance, do the math and calculate the exact amount you need. We talk about how to do this planning here.


Still in doubt?

credit loans

Now, when you think about “ personal credit: how to hire? ”, You won’t have any doubts, will you? We at FinanzHero are always on hand to help customers with whatever they need. If you would like a better understanding of how we work, and if FinanzHero is reliable.

Oh, and as reinforcing the message never hurts, remember that there are NO advance deposits. Our service is 100% free. You only start paying on the date of the first installment of the loan, meaning you pay no amount until you have deposited the money in your account. So if someone asks you for any amount upfront, DO NOT deposit and report!